Ear Lobe Repair

Length of surgery

30 min to 1 Hour


Local anaesthetic

Hospital stay

Home the same day

Time off work

1 to 2 days

Time off exercise

1-2 weeks

Time to fully settle

6 months

Post-op care


Ear Lobe Repair

Stretched ear lobes can be a result of wearing heavy earrings for many years or deliberately stretching them.  Ear lobes can also be split as a result of trauma. 

Plastic surgery to repair earlobes is performed under local anaesthetic. The extent of the procedure depends on the complexity of the issue wanting to be repaired.

 The results of the operation are seen immediately afterwards and the scars although initially red settle after a few months. The ears can then be re-pierced if patients wish to have this done.


Monday – Friday
9 am – 5 pm





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