Face Lift

Length of surgery

3 Hours


General anaesthetic

Hospital stay

1 night

Time off work

2 weeks

Time off exercise

6 weeks

Post-op care

Compression garment 6 weeks

Face Lift

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to rejuvenate the lower half of the face.  Its main affect is noticeable on the jawline.  It can help reduce the heaviness near the corners of the mouth and the jowls creating a smoother more defined jawline.

 The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic.  Incisions are placed along the hairline, in front and behind the ears.  These incisions allow the underlying fascia (SMAS) of the face to be accessed, tightened and repositioned, creating a smoother jawline and neck.

 Patients have drains and wear a head bandage after this procedure, and spent a night in hospital.  Swelling and bruising after the operation can be significant.

 Patients return to the office after one week for suture removal.  A compression garment needs to be worn for 6 weeks after the procedure. The swelling and bruising improve within the first 2-3 weeks.  In 3 months most patients are looking and feeling great, seeing the results of their procedure.


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