Temporal Brow Lift in London

A temporal brow lift, often referred to as a mini brow lift or lateral brow lift, is a minimally invasive procedure that involves correcting drooping eyebrows or your upper facial area. It is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that involves making a small incision hidden within a person’s hairline to lift the outer one-third of the brow and forehead.

What is the difference between a temporal brow lift and a traditional brow lift?

A traditional brow lift involves making a large incision across the upper forehead which has a long recovery period. Where the temporal brow lift differs is the smaller hairline incision heals relatively quickly, with most patients being able to return to their daily work activities after one to two weeks, avoiding exercise for two to three weeks.

What does a temporal brow lift involve?

Your surgeon will lift the skin and tissue in the outer third of your eyebrow. They will reposition it slightly higher, improving the overall appearance of the eyebrow and smoothing out wrinkles. This type of procedure can be customised to meet the specific goals of each patient. We perform this type of cosmetic surgery under general anaesthetic, with the incision performed in your hairline. Patients return to the office after a week for us to assess the mild bruising which usually resolves itself after a few weeks, but this is nothing compared to the long-lasting anti-ageing effects.

Who would benefit from a temporal brow lift?

Temporal brow lifts are a perfect and extremely popular option for patients looking to achieve a youthful and refreshed look with minimal scarring and downtime. As well as performing a mini brow lift on older patients for its anti-ageing benefits, we also help younger patients who have mild to moderate sagging/ drooping in the outer brow. It is also used to touch-up patients who have already undergone a full brow lift.

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