Otoplasty – Prominent Ear Correction London

Otoplasty, also referred to as prominent ear correction or cosmetic ear surgery, is an extremely common form of facial plastic surgery performed under general anaesthetic. This type of procedure is used to correct protruding ears which may have been caused due to either an overly developed conchal bowl, inadequate formation of the anti-helical, or a combination of the two. Some patients only develop one protruding ear, often referred to as ‘lop ear’, which can be amended using prominent ear correction surgery to match your other ear.

What does prominent ear correction surgery involve?

An otoplasty involves making an incision behind the ear to expose the cartilage framework. Sutures, surgical threads to close incisions, are used to pin back the deep conchal bowl to the side of your head, with a second set of sutures used to recreate the anti-helical fold. Dissolvable sutures are then used to close the wound and a head bandage is applied, with patients usually going home the same day as the surgery. The procedure typically lasts an hour and a half, and is performed under local anaesthetic.

What is the recovery time of otoplasty surgery?

Patients who have undergone prominent ear correction surgery usually return to the office within three to five days to have their head bandage removed. After which, you will be able to wash their hair and ears in the shower. At this point, it is important to wear a headband at night for six weeks to protect your ears while you sleep. People usually take a week off of work, and three to four weeks without strenuous exercise. Every surgery results in scarring, but since the incision for otoplasty surgery is behind your ear, it will be well hidden.

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