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Ear Correction Surgery

Ear correction surgery, also known as otoplasty or ear pinning, is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to alter the size, shape, or position of the ears. It is primarily done to address aesthetic concerns or correct certain ear deformities that can cause psychological distress or self-consciousness.

Length of surgery

1 hour 30 mins


General or Local anaesthetic

Hospital stay

Home the same day

Time off work

1 week

Time off exercise

3-4 weeks

Time to fully settle

3 to 6 months

Post-op care

headband for 6 weeks at night

What are the benefits of ear correction surgery?

Ear correction surgery can significantly enhance the appearance of the ears. In addition, it can improve self-confidence, especially for individuals who have been self-conscious about their ear shape or size. In addition, it can also:

Enhanced aesthetics
Ear correction surgery can improve the overall appearance of the ears. Furthermore, it can make them more proportional to the rest of the facial features. It can address issues such as prominent ears, large ears, or deformities, giving the ears a more balanced and pleasing look.
Increased self-confidence
Many people who are self-conscious about their ears may feel more confident after undergoing otoplasty. By correcting aesthetic concerns and bringing the ears into a more desirable shape or position, individuals often experience a boost in self-esteem and may feel more at ease in social and professional situations.
Improved psychological well-being
Correcting ear abnormalities or prominent ears can have a positive impact on an individual’s psychological well-being. It can alleviate feelings of self-consciousness, and enhance overall body image satisfaction.
Correcting birth defects or injuries
Ear correction surgery can address congenital ear deformities that individuals are born with. If you have received injuries, it can also help reconstruct or repair ears.
Customization and individualized results
We tailor your ear correction surgery to meet the specific needs and desires of each patient. The procedure allows for the customization of the ear shape, size, projection, and position, ensuring that the desired outcome aligns with the individual’s expectations.
Long-lasting results
Otoplasty typically provides permanent results, meaning that the changes made to the ears are enduring. Once the ears have healed and settled into their new position, the results are generally long-lasting. This allows individuals to enjoy the benefits of the surgery for years to come.

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Why do people have ear correction surgery?

The most common issues that ear correction surgery can address include:

Prominent or protruding ears

This refers to ears that stick out excessively from the head. Otoplasty can reshape the cartilage and bring the ears closer to the head for a more balanced appearance.

Large ears

If the size of the ears is disproportionate to the rest of the facial features, we can perform ear reduction surgery to reduce their size.

Deformed ears

Ear correction surgery can also correct various ear deformities. This includes  constricted or cupped ears (where the outer rim of the ear is abnormally shaped), lop ear (when the top of the ear folds downward), or shell ear (when the curve in the outer rim is missing).

How is surgery performed?

Ear correction surgery, or otoplasty, is typically performed using the following steps:

The procedure is usually carried out under local anesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia. The type you use will depend on the patient’s preference and the surgeon’s recommendation.
Incision placement:
The surgeon will determine the most appropriate incision placement based on the specific needs of the patient. Typically, these are on the back surface of the ear, where they remain unseen within the natural creases and contours.
Cartilage reshaping:
After making the incisions, the surgeon gains access to the ear cartilage. They will then reshape and reposition the cartilage to achieve the desired outcome. This may involve techniques such as scoring, folding, or removing a portion of the cartilage.
Stitching and securing:
Once reshaped, the surgeon will secure the cartilage it in the new position using internal sutures. This helps to maintain the newly formed shape and position of the ear.
Incision closure:
The incisions are meticulously closed with sutures to ensure proper healing. The sutures used can either be absorbable, which dissolve over time, or non-absorbable. If non-absorbale we will remove these during a follow-up appointment.
Dressing and bandaging:
Following the procedure, the surgeon will apply a dressing or bandage around the ears to provide support and protection during the initial healing phase. This dressing may be in the form of a head wrap or a specialized bandage.

Ear Correction London Surgeon

The specific details of the procedure may vary depending on the individual’s unique ear anatomy and the extent of correction required. It’s important to book a consultation with us so we can evaluate your specific situation, discuss the procedure in detail, and address any concerns or questions you may have.

Ear Surgery Recovery time

Recovery time varies from person to person. Generally, there may be some swelling, bruising, and mild discomfort after the surgery. We may ask you to wear a bandage or head wrap for a week or two to protect the ears during the initial healing phase. It’s important to follow the post-operative instructions. This may include avoiding certain activities and wearing a headband at night to prevent unintentional bending or trauma to the ears.

Dr Amir Sadri – Specialist Facial Surgeon

dr amir sadri rhinoplasty london

Dr Amir Sadir is a specialist facial surgeon based in London. He is widely published with over 40 peer-reviewed papers on an extensive range of plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery. He has presented work internationally in Europe and the USA.

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