Prominent Ear Correction

Length of surgery

1 hour 30 mins


General or Local anaesthetic

Hospital stay

Home the same day

Time off work

1 week

Time off exercise

3-4 weeks

Time to fully settle

3 to 6 months

Post-op care

headband for 6 weeks at night

Prominent Ear Correction

Prominent, protruding (sticking out) or ‘bat’ ears can be due to either an overly developed conchal bowl, inadequate formation of the anti-helical fold or a combination of both. 

Surgery to correct prominent ears involves an incision behind the ear.  The cartilage framework of the ear is exposed and permanent sutures are used to pin back the deep conchal bowl to the side of the head.  The second set of sutures are used to recreate the anti-helical fold.

 The wound is closed with dissolving sutures and a head bandage is applied.  Patients usually go home the same day as the surgery.  The procedure can be done either under a local or general anaesthetic.

 Patients return to the office in 3-5 days to have the head bandage removed.  At this point they can wash their hair and ears in the shower.  It is important to wear a headband at night for 6 weeks.  This is so that the ears are protected while the patient sleeps.


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